Jesus in the Philippines

I became Facebook friends with Mike a couple of years ago, and his story blows me away. I felt compelled to share it with everyone. Please give this a read. It’s lengthy, but worth it. This is from Mike Gordon:

“Greetings to ALL!

I’d like to share my story. I believe you’ll be both touched and inspired. My name is Mike Gordon, originally from California. I have two adult sons and one grandson. In 1995 I came to “know Christ” and began my “Christian” walk. I joined a church and got fully involved in everything from tithe counting and ushering to working with the youth and singles ministries.

After a few years the church found out I had lived, in my past, an open gay life. I was quickly treated differently, and members pleaded with the pastor to send me away. Eventually I moved on to another much larger church and got heavily involved in ministry there. I was the leader of my own weekly outreach team, co-led the Singles ministry, and was a key actor in the Drama department for several years. I also joined the Bible College and graduated in 2003.

Later that year I met my future wife and we began doing missionary work in Mexico. In 2005 we traveled to the Philippines on a ministry tour. I felt instant “confirmation” that the Philippines was our destiny and calling. We spent the next year preparing to leave our lives behind for the mission field. We sold almost all we had, including our vehicles, quit our jobs, lost our beautiful 2 story home, and said goodbye to our families. Most devasting for me was my son’s decision to remain in the States to complete their education. While I understood their decision, my heart was torn, as my sons and I were inseparable.

In June of 2006, we arrived and dove right into ministry with a large international organization here. My wife and I led morning devotions for the staff, taught in the Bible college here, and led Bible studies weekly. While my wife was put in charge of the local Women’s Ministry, I became the National Rep so my main responsibility was to travel weekly to speak in churches all over the nation. Sometimes traveling by boat, by car, by bus, by motorbike, and by hiking deep into the mountains to minister to the tribes.

Life was great and exciting. But in 2007 the pain of seeing the over 2 million street kids here was too much for me. I had always wondered why the Lord seemed to allow my own sons to remain in the States…I didn’t know at the time He had other kids that needed me. We began taking in kids in 2007. Becoming a father to the fatherless was the most rewarding and yet challenging experience of my life!

Kids that never had parental discipline…kids that were abused…kids that saw their own father kill their mother and so ended up on the streets…tragic story after tragic story…I was moved to the core.

I began working in the local children’s jail daily. Sadly this place was a mixture of kids with criminal cases (usually stealing food), drug cases, abuse cases, and abandonment. Imagine abandoned kids sleeping behind bars for months and years on end! We helped feed and clothe the kids, made beds for them (as they had none), and built a new kitchen for them. We did Bible studies and activities several times a week and I accompanied the kids to their court cases.

In 2008, we opened up our own children’s home and transferred several of the abandoned kids from the jail to our place, which we called “A New Hope”.

We also had become foster parents, so we had some of our kids in our own home, and some in the children’s home. Sadly, as the economy in the U.S. weakened, support also weakened and we had to shut down the home in early 2009. We transferred the kids to our own home but because of the stress of it all, our marriage became strained.

Admittedly, it became too much for my wife as she also struggled with being married to a bisexual man. In July of 2009 she left me and returned to the States.

The ministry here announced I was unfit for ministry until I no longer had any gay desires. I was treated as a leper and all support was stopped. We had been getting about $2,400 a month in support, and suddenly it was all gone.
I sold what I could to get us by and eventually my foster sons and I ended up living on the rooftop of the church of another American missionary. We stayed there for almost 2 years as I worked to build up support again. During this time I focused on the kids in our Christian Academy and taught the morning devotions and Monday Chapel hour as well as the P.E. Class.

In mid-2011, we began to finally get a few committed supporters and I was blessed to be finally given a ticket home to see my family. After 2 years away, I finally was reunited with my sons and grandson. I spent 3 months in the States to get refreshed and try to make new connections. This was the first time I found out about gay-affirming churches and I found I wasn’t the only gay missionary! God is good!
I was able to connect with Glory Tabernacle church in California, as well as The Gathering Place in Atlanta, Georgia. When I returned here in January 2012, my foster sons and I were able to get a decent apartment and things started to improve. But word also got out in town that I was openly gay and in this very Catholic traditional region, a gay minister is not accepted. I was literally kicked out of a local gym owned by my pastor friend and I continue to get “looks” by those who do not accept me. It’s hard…

At this point our monthly support is only $350 to $375 a month! Which is NOT enough to feed us and provide education for my foster son. We are trying to get to at least $700.00 asap and I really am hoping to get home to the States to see my family this year…
If you’d like to know more feel free to ask. Support is easy thru Paypal and you can visit my Facebook to see thousands of photos from my almost 7 years here. I’m a pretty open guy so feel free to look and inquire. Together we can make a difference and bring life to kids with no hope. God bless you all!

In Christ,
Mike Gordon
GFM Ministries”

Such a heart wrenching story! I know Mike is dedicated to doing the true work of Christ, in becoming Jesus to those who need him most. It’s also very awesome to see an openly gay missionary doing great things in the world. It makes my heart smile.

You can visit Mike’s Facebook page by clicking here!

If you would like to join me in supporting Mike and all of his hard work, send a donation via PayPal to

Or if you can’t give, please share this story with as many people as you can. Lets make ripples and show the world that gay Christians are doing the work of Christ, too!

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