The Willful Ignorance of Conservative Christianity

  Note: In this article, I do not mean to lump all conservative Christians together. For the sake of this article, I am speaking about a group within conservative Christianity that will not engage in the discussion at all. I have some close conservative Christian friends with whom we are able to have a civil […]

The Sanctity of (Gay) Marriage: Updated

  Yesterday was an amazing day for America, as I noted in yesterday’s blog post. However, before we move any further, I felt like it was important to hit on an issue that I’ve hit on once before back in October.  It’s almost word for word from that post, but I’ve edited it in light of the […]

History has been made! Thank you, America!

  Today, the Supreme Court just changed my life. Literally. I woke up early, fired up the SCOTUS blog, and sat with bated breath all morning long. It felt like I was waiting for my own child to be born. Then, it finally happened. The opinion was read, and I knew in that moment, that […]

4 Things to Do This Pride Season

It’s an interesting time to be entering Pride in 2015. The Supreme Court is deciding on a landmark decision surrounding marriage equality, Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner, and more states than ever now recognize LGBT folks both in marriage and in non-discrimination acts. You have to admit: every year gets a little bit easier […]

Jenner Critics: Yes, she is courageous. Here’s why. 

Hello, Jenner critics! We need to chat for just a second. My Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all blew up the last two days from people like you lamenting that Caitlyn Jenner is being called “courageous” and “heroic.” We need to get something straight (no pun intended) really quickly!   Yes, I believe soldiers are courageous. Yes, […]