The Sanctity of (Gay) Marriage: Take Your Time

  So, let’s talk about gay marriage. First of all, let me say that I hate to even have to call it “gay marriage,” because in reality, it’s justĀ marriage. But, it seems that until all 50 states allow same-sex marriage, then we have to attach that addendum. At the time of writing this post, only […]

Authenticity: The Killer of Fundamentalism

  So, I’ve been doing some thinking lately. I’ve been out of fundamentalism for almost three years at this point, and my life has dramatically changed. Each new day brings a new layer that I’m not ever quite sure I’m ready to face. I have noticed that since coming out, my faith has been a […]

Gay child beaten by parents…in the name of Jesus!

  I have said for a while now that I do not believe the hardcore anti-gay conservatives are Jesus-followers with a gay-hate problem; I think they are gay-haters with a Jesus problem. What I mean by that is that I don’t think following Jesus makes people burn with anger towards LGBT people. Instead, I truly […]

8 Relationship Facts I Learned After The Break-up

  So, I haven’t published an article in a while, and there are many reasons for that. One of those reasons is that I have recently gone through a breakup of a long-term relationship. We were together for almost two and half years, and it ended a few weeks ago. I have spent the last […]

Brandon Wallace on Steve Brown, Etc.

Today, I was on a nationally syndicated radio show called Steve Brown, Etc. to talk about my book, Straight-Face. Even if Steve and I don’t agree on everything, he has always been a hero of mine. Check it out by clicking here! Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

SBC to Trans* Community: “You’re our next target!”

  Yesterday, the Southern Baptist Convention formed a resolution that made a “bold stance against transgendered people.” I won’t remake the wheel, so if you’d like a good understanding of the resolution, check out John Shore’s post. I firmly believe that for the LGB community, this says a lot. This says that the SBC has […]

Response to Matt Walsh: Privilege At Its Finest

  Yesterday, Matt Walsh posted on his blog about the Michael Sam draft. Granted, he wasn’t knocking Sam or the NFL about having the first openly gay football player, but he was knocking the press revolving the incident. Walsh goes on to rant about how “personal business” needs to stay personal business. First off, hats […]